NZ  VEGAN LITERATURE: (A4 double-sided colour)

NZ Vegan Nutritional pamphlet pdf

NZ Vegan Food Groups  – single page A4

NZ Vegan Veganism is Not Expensive flyer (4 to a page) pdf

NZ Vegan Recipe Booklet – best printed on A5 paper as a booklet.   Your local printer ought to be able to do this easily

NZ Vegan Booklet – 3x articles -Why Nonviolence?; The NZ Economy; and Abolition in NZ all in one A5 Booklet form


Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights pamphlet ~ available in 19 languages and downloadable in A4

Eat Like You Care book business cards (unofficial – designed by NZ Vegan)  – US letter size

Eat Like You Care promotional posters ~ 4 to a page

International Vegan Association Respecting Animals pamphlet ~ available by request for vegan advocates

Demystifying Vegan Nutrition from The Boston Vegan Association (the inspiration and guide/template that we used for our NZ Vegan Nutrition Pamphlet) 

Animal Emancipation posters including the new Be Fair! Go Vegan! poster and stickers from

VEGAN Poster from A Candid Hominid 

VEGAN: What/Why/How/Where? poster also by A Candid Hominid

What About Plants? Poster (A3 Colour single sided)

Vegan Cupcake Cards (modified from original design by Emmy James Design) – print them out on thick coloured paper for best effect!