A common mistake when transitioning to a vegan diet is to eat too few calories, causing people to mistakenly think they “need meat” or “have to have some animal products”.  Healthful vegan diets are bigger on volume – your plate should be overflowing with fresh food, especially if you include lots of raw vegetables.  Snacking is recommended throughout the day.  It is hard to eat too many fruits and vegetables, nuts or seeds, and they make very healthy snacks between meals.

Although any dietary change may cause temporary bodily complaints, such as cravings, digestive discomfort or minor fatigue, these should not continue for a long period of time, and it is recommended to seek advice from a doctor to rule out coincidental health conditions if the symptoms go on for too long or become overwhelming.


*Copied from the Boston Vegan Association Nutrition Guide: Demystifying Vegan Nutrition: A Starter Guide

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