NZ  VEGAN LITERATURE: (A4 double-sided colour)

NZ Vegan Nutritional pamphlet pdf

NZ Vegan Food Groups  – single page A4

NZ Vegan Veganism is Not Expensive flyer (4 to a page) pdf

NZ Vegan Recipe Booklet – best printed on A5 paper as a booklet.   Your local printer ought to be able to do this easily

NZ Vegan Booklet – 3x articles -Why Nonviolence?; The NZ Economy; and Abolition in NZ all in one A5 Booklet form


Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights pamphlet ~ available in 19 languages and downloadable in A4 or US Letter literature ~ available HERE ~ 2nd from the top on the Abolitionist Approach website’s Text page in US Letter or A4

Eat Like You Care book business cards (unofficial – designed by NZ Vegan)  – US letter size

Eat Like You Care promotional posters ~ 4 to a page

International Vegan Association Respecting Animals pamphlet ~ available by request for vegan advocates

International Vegan Association Resources ~ including their Vegan Starter Kit,

International Vegan Association Business Cardsadvertising their Vegan Starter Kit

Animal Emancipation posters including the new Be Fair! Go Vegan! poster and stickers from

VEGAN Poster from A Candid Hominid 

VEGAN: What/Why/How/Where? poster also by A Candid Hominid

What About Plants? Poster (A3 Colour single sided)

Vegan Cupcake Cards (modified from original design by Emmy James Design) ~ print them out on thick coloured paper for best effect!