Vitamin B12

Everyone needs to make sure they are getting enough Vitamin B12. It is an extremely important vitamin which is manufactured by certain kinds of bacteria.  It is a myth that vegans automatically suffer from B12 deficiency, in fact they are less likely to, because vegans go out of their way to educate themselves about its importance and take steps to ensure that we supplement our diets with an adequate supply.

B12 deficiency is often related to an individual body’s inability to absorb the vitamin, and can effect non-vegans and vegans. Everyone should get their Vitamin B12 levels checked, the most specific test for B12 status being methymalonic acid (MMA) testing.  Speak to your doctor about requesting this particular method of measuring your body’s B12 status.  Vegans obtain their Vitamin B12 from supplements such as vegan B12 tablets or sublingual drops, and/or B12 fortified foods.  We do not need to consume animal products to obtain Vitamin B12, and the bacteria can be manufactured without using animals.  Please take responsibility for your health and get your B12 level checked, and speak to a doctor or nutritionist familiar with vegan diets to get advice about the best vegan source for your individual needs.

Marmite; So Good soy milks and Lotus brand Nutritional Yeast  are Vitamin B12 fortified foods that are available in New Zealand.

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